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Business Interactions, L.L.C. is dedicated to improving company image, sales, and client retention by increasing employee confidence in social skills and relationships through interactive etiquette and protocol training programs of the highest quality.




imageTeri Haynes - Owner of Business Interactions, L.L.C., is certified by The Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in etiquette and protocol services. With more than twenty years of business experience in human resources, sales, marketing, event planning, conferences, management, and business development, she has vast knowledge of the variety of inter-personal skills required in the business arenas. Armed with a wide array of resources and knowledge in etiquette and protocol, Ms. Haynes is uniquely qualified to present her topics and seminars in an interactive and entertaining format.




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At Business Interactions, our Business Etiquette Seminars are customized based on your criteria. Additionally, seminars can be created to address specific needs you have.

Certified and Trained

The Protocol School of Washington

The Protocol School of Washington® The leader in etiquette and protocol services and the only nationally accredited business etiquette and international protocol training school in the USA.

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can increase your profitability through:

• Employee Retention

• Loyal Clients

• Improved Company Image