What Clients Are Saying

"...The feedback was great!  I know our students and alumni enjoyed it.  Our Director of Career Services said students have been stopping him on campus all day saying what a great event it was --- you made it a success!"

Elizabeth Everett, Assistant Director of Professional Development
Centenary College of Louisiana


"Thank you again for presenting such a wonderful program.  Everyone enjoyed it so much, and we will definately be interested in future seminars."

Susan Butts, Process Inprovement/CLIA Compliance
Omega Diagnostics, LLC



Question of the Week

At a business lunch with a client and my boss, we had a brief argument over who should pay the bill.  It was very uncomfortable.  What do we do to prevent this in the future?
The Rules:  Whoever does the inviting pays the bill.  At a business lunch, the highest ranking employee pays the bill.
The Answer:  In your case, your boss should pay the check.  Communicate in advance so there are no misunderstandings.  This puts everyone at ease.  
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